Book Report

Modern Mentoring = Modern Learning

I’m always grateful my chosen profession requires me to be a reader. Working in public education we are always met with new research, blogs, books, Tweets, “innovative ideas”, and Ed Tech sales people. It’s a never-ending series of inputs that dominate our email inboxes and have required me to create a separate number to better… Continue reading Modern Mentoring = Modern Learning


My Pillars of Stoicism and Design Thinking

Peas and carrots, biscuits and gravy, Tango and Cash, impressive duos all. Complimentary ideas and systems help us navigate the world. They help us find balance and understanding. And a current obsession of mine is the duo of Stoicism and Design Thinking. I can’t remember if it was a podcast, blog post, book, video, or… Continue reading My Pillars of Stoicism and Design Thinking